About Us

Moving towards a Better INDIA

PIPL is one of the fastest growing construction companies of Central India with projects in Infrastructure, Clean Water, Communication Sector & Information Technology. We have our presence all across India and a strong commitment of 400+ team members dedicated towards always exceeding our customers’ expectation.

At PIPL, we strongly believe in delivering great results with greater quality to delight the customers using sustainable technologies and solutions. Our Motto, “Never Give Up” to attain desirable results, has driven us to be the “Company of Choice” among our esteemed clientele.

Our Targets for 2025

  1. To provide clean drinking water to 100+ cities and villages of India

  2. To provide job opportunities for 1000+ young members of the community

  3. To promote good health care from within by providing clean and nutritious food for 10,000+ families

  4. To help other 100+ budding small and medium entrepreneurs and businesses bring out products and services aimed at improving current livelihoods of our people

  5. To have a total of 40% women in our strong multi cultural team

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Our Vision & Mission

  1. To be the ‘Company of Choice’ and preferred collaboration partner within our business areas

  2. To consistently exceed our Customer’s Expectations for professional and value adding advices

  3.  To earn the affection of customers by delivering superior experience and value

  4. Practicing 'Leadership with Care’ by pursuing best practices on Care for our Environment, Community, Customers, Shareholders, People

  5. To enable employees and associates to achieve and unleash their full potential to deliver outcomes in a sustainable way

Meet the Team


Dr. Rakesh Upadhyay

Founder & MD

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Rakesh Upadhyay completed his Engineering in the year 1989 and started his career as a civil engineer in MP where he worked for 13 years before starting up his own construction company. Started as M/s. R.S Engineers (2001-2006), he registered a new private limited firm as Prachi Infrastructure (P) Limited in Indore, MP. His entrepreneurial approach and visionary leadership has paved the way for success for PIPL in the most competitive construction industry.


Rajeev Kumar

Director & CEO

Mr. Rajeev Kumar completed his engineering in 2001 and started his journey with Dr Rakesh as an engineer taking up projects in various states. With an experience of over 20 years, he has been the backbone of the company. As a CEO, he has been a cornerstone of success in various difficult projects. His presence among the engineers fills them up with confidence and encourages them to perform better. 


Dr. Sharda Devi

Director Finance

Dr. Sharda Devi has completed her MBA 1991 and started her own finance consultancy. She got married to Dr. Rakesh Kumar in 1993 took the responsibility to support her husband in all the financial matters of M/s. R.S Engineers and later PIPL. Together with Dr. Rakesh Upadhyay, she obtained her doctorate from Chennai in Ayurvedic Panchgavya Science and started up a hospital which helps poor people of the region get quality treatment at low or no cost.


Akshay Kumar

Director Business Development

Mr. Akshay Kumar is an Alumni of IIT Roorkee from where he studied Mechanical Engineering. He was working for an MNC taking projects in Germany & India for 2.5 years after graduation. He joined PIPL in 2018 and is responsible for Business Development. His dynamic way of thinking has increased the company's growth and under his leadership PIPL has completed several high risk challenging projects in record time.


Prachi Upadhyay

Director Public Relations & HR

Mrs Prachi has done Civil Engineering in the year 2016 and joined the company as a full time director. With her new ideas and excellent people management skills, she has brought boom to the company. The overall image of the company among clients and employees has improved a lot. She is an inspiration for girls pursuing civil engineering and conducts various seminars & workshops to encourage and empower women in the field of Civil Engineering.